Academic Leadership

I am the department chair of Andover’s Philosophy and Religious Studies department (starting Fall 2022).

I was involved in university leadership at UNC-Chapel Hill from 2010-2017. My work focused on a number of topics, all of which emphasize fairness for vulnerable populations. These include aiming to help parents at the university, graduate students, those who have been sexually harassed or assaulted, and those who have dealt with recent emergencies.

In 2013-14, I served as the President of the graduate and professional student body (Graduate and Professional Student Federation, or GPSF) at UNC.  This experience, among other things, included managing a staff of 26 and a budget of $100,000. Kiran Michael Chancellor and Ramses

Following that period, I served on an advisory committee to the Chancellor of UNC-Chapel Hill as well as continue to serve on a Title IX Review panel.